Now get a cook for one time in India !
Now get a cook for one time in India !

Certainly! Here’s an outline of the terms and conditions for your catering service provider company, CookClub:

  1. Booking and Confirmation:

    • Clients must make a booking request in advance, specifying the date, time, location, expected number of guests, and any dietary preferences or restrictions.
    • Bookings are subject to availability, and confirmation is provided upon receipt of a deposit or full payment.
  2. Menu Selection:

    • Clients have the option to choose from a selection of pre-designed menus or request custom menus tailored to their preferences and event theme.
    • Menu selections must be finalized at least [insert timeframe, e.g., two weeks] before the event date to allow for ingredient sourcing and preparation.
  3. Payment Terms:

    • A deposit is required upon booking to secure the date and services of CookClub.
    • Full payment is due [insert timeframe, e.g., one week] prior to the event date.
    • Payment methods accepted include cash, credit/debit card, bank transfer, or electronic payment platforms.
  4. Cancellation Policy:

    • Clients may cancel their booking up to [insert timeframe, e.g., two weeks] before the event date without incurring additional charges.
    • Cancellations made within the specified timeframe are subject to forfeiture of the deposit or payment made.
    • In the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure, CookClub reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event with mutual agreement from the client.
  5. Event Logistics:

    • Clients are responsible for providing adequate facilities, equipment, and utilities for the catering service, including kitchen access, electricity, and water.
    • Any additional equipment or rentals required (e.g., tables, chairs, linens) can be arranged by CookClub upon request, with associated costs borne by the client.
  6. Staffing and Service:

    • CookClub will provide a team of professional chefs, cooks, bartenders, wait staff, and cleaners as required for the event, based on the expected number of guests and service requirements.
    • Staffing costs, including wages, transportation, and any applicable taxes, are included in the catering fee.
  7. Food Safety and Hygiene:

    • CookClub adheres to strict food safety and hygiene standards in accordance with local regulations.
    • All ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers and handled with care to ensure the highest quality and freshness.
  8. Liability and Insurance:

    • CookClub carries liability insurance to protect against unforeseen accidents or damages during the event.
    • Clients are encouraged to obtain event insurance to cover any additional liabilities or risks associated with their event.
  9. Client Responsibilities:

    • Clients are responsible for providing accurate event details, including venue address, contact information, and any special instructions.
    • Clients must notify CookClub of any changes or updates to the event itinerary or guest count as soon as possible.
  10. Feedback and Complaints:

    • CookClub welcomes feedback from clients to continually improve its services.
    • In the event of any concerns or complaints, clients are encouraged to contact CookClub promptly for resolution.

These terms and conditions serve as a guideline for the agreement between CookClub and its clients, ensuring a transparent and mutually beneficial partnership for successful event catering services.

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